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We are proud to introduce our enhanced Close Protection training course which will allow you the opportunity to obtain the UK SIA licence. You are now having a chance to get onto this course at special promotional price and gain the right to work. This course is designed to take you through the full spectrum of corporate and executive close protection with addition of various situations in hostile environments.



General Information



Course length:

16 days non-stop.

Instant results:

Onscreen testing! Very High Pass rate! Results 10min after the exam!



Delivery breakdown:

25% of Theory / 75% of Practice


London (UK)

Inclusive of:

Training, Equipment, Exams, Certificates



Instructor’s background:

Former Instructors of SO14, SCO19, SAS, GIGN

SIA License application pack:

Click here to order one. We will help you with all formalities.



Learning materials

  • Professional Handbook

  • Hand-outs on USB Drive



Please play the video below to look through the course reviews.

Most of our former students, today's succesful operatives have also completed following training courses:


First Person On Scene Intermadiate Firearms for Private Security Sector Level 4 Security & Risk Management



Close Protection is also commonly known as bodyguarding and it is a legal requirement in the U.K that all operatives are licensed by the S.I.A (Security Industry Authority).


Close Protection operatives are responsible for protecting the lives and reputations of the rich, powerful and famous. Although it is a very competitive industry, there is an increasing demand for licensed Close Protection Operatives (both males and females) in the U.K and abroad. You can expect to have to start at the bottom and work your way up as it is an security industry based on personal reputations and trust. You need to look at Close Protection as a career move not an instant fix but know that many of our successful SIA Close Protection training candidates have secured employment in a variety of prestigious posts within the business sector just as much as political, diplomatic and entertainment. They work for ambassadors, businessmen, sportsmen, music and movie stars and other celebrities.

All of our courses are full on, practical and action packed and we provide many extra-curricular activities that other security training providers neglect.


The Close Protection Course is an intensive period of instruction that will give the successful candidate a solid base upon which to build his or her close protection expertise. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) will issue operating licenses to successful candidates upon application.

Try to browse the internet and check with our competitors. This course represents exceptional value, and will ensure that your financial investment is valuable. Symbiotic Security will train you to an exceptional standard. The Close Protection industry is a growing one, we pride ourselves in the pursuit of excellence, and you will be very impressed.


When choosing our course you will benefit from getting trained by former instructors of special forces, preparing you to operational standards.


You will be trained within natural working environment at the most affordable costs for fully practical training that could be offered in UK!





This is where we train upcoming Close Protection Operatives to work!



To us this is all about your achievement!


We here are, far from looking down on you, we are here to make it happen for you!

We make the effort to support your learning. We mentor you to secure your success!

That is why our practice gives results!!


Are you searching for the best to learn from?

We strongly believe that a “hands on” style of delivery is the only way because it simulates real operations and allows students to gain working skills. That is why we keep classroom based delivery below 25% and spend over 75% of training time on practical tasks! To ensure you get the best out of training, we hire former INSTRUCTORS of Special Forces. Our facilities are just as good.


Do you want to find professionals that would put their hearts into teaching you?

We work on your progress all the time! We provide you with constant feedback and advice! We ensure quality breaks and applying appropriate, encouraging and motivating methodology. We make sure that the instructor/student ratio guarantees a comfortable learning environment and allows continuous monitoring of your progress.



Is your aim to find work after the course and to keep it?

When signing up for our training, you get an opportunity to make mistakes, those that would cost you a lot if made at work. Because it’s all “practical” here, you learn from your mistakes and benefit from them in future. We go far beyond just “covering it”. We establish you through the delivery of our training. With us, you go through the practical essence of operational insights, ensuring the excellence of your future performance!






We use time to improve your confidence!


We are the MOST RECOMMENDED training centre in London.


Many operational companies suggest that our training is the best option available!

Hundreds of successful operatives completed our training and succeeded in the industry!








Our SIA Close Protection training course is challenging, but rewarding, providing the candidates with a wealth of skills that can be taken into the security industry and even enhance the quality of your own private life.

This in-depth course will follow all theoretical aspects, in addition to live practical scenarios with our experienced instructors.

The course will require both discipline and motivation from candidates if the true benefits of this course are to be achieved. 

Some of the exercises during the course will out of necessity finish late, so you should prepare yourself for long days, just like real operations.




Key Features

  • First Aid At Work - Extended First Aid for Close Protection Operatives (mandatory requirement set by the SIA)

  • Fully loaded SIA Close Protection program. Contact delivery containing 75% of practical drills and scenarios and only 25% of theoretical sessions.

  • Close Protection convoy driving. Learn how to drive in a tight convoy on busy roads

  • Physical Intervention for Close Protection Operations system constructed for the purpose of effective close protection which is invaluable for operatives

  • Basics of Firearms for Close Protection, Anti-ambush Drills, Evasive Driving

  • An interview with Symbiotic Security operational HR Department for those who pass our operational criteria through their excellent performances

  • CV guidance and live career development advice


The course requires each candidate to complete a portfolio of their work and complete and pass a multiple choice exam at the end. You will perform through two full operations during this course and many practical exercises, drills and fully comprehensive real-live scenarios preparing you for your main assessment step by step.

Following topics exceed the SIA requirements.
This allows you to prepare to fulfil the future employer expectations.
  1. Roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative

  2. Law and legislations

  3. Etiquette and Protocol

  4. Interpersonal skills

  5. Communication and conflict management skills

  6. Effective negotiation

  7. Incidents and dilemmas

  8. Media liaison

  9. Close Protection team work

  10. Close Protection foot techniques

  11. Vehicle movement tactics and operations

  12. Search techniques and procedures

  13. Surveillance awareness

  14. Radio-communication

  15. Technology and specialist support

  16. Operational intelligence

  17. Operational planning

  18. Threat assessment and risk management

  19. Reconnaissance

  20. Security Advanced Party

  21. Route selection

  22. Contingency Planning

  23. Global Logistics

  24. Topography and Map reading

  25. Venue based security

  26. Airport and Marina safety

  27. Private Aircraft and Boats transfers

  28. Convoy driving

  29. Evasive driving

  30. Anti and Counter-surveillance

  31. Body protection and evacuation

  32. Physical Intervention with VIP defence - Intermediate

  33. Weapon safety

  34. Armed Protective Tactics

  35. Anti-Ambush Drills

  36. First Aid and Defibrillator

  37. Market research jobs

  38. CV and resume writing

  39. Interview skills and techniques

  40. Networking for CP Professionals

  41. CP Career Development

REMEMBER! We train beyond the national standards, which is why our training exceeds required by SIA 140h of delivery time!

The reward is that you will get trained to the full operational level which will allow you to pass the SIA exam with ease!




We have a proven track record in the CP environment of delivering first class training courses, this will continue and progress its development. Our instructors (former INSTRUCTORS of Royalty Protection Branch, CO19 and GIGN) are all active and very successful Close Protection Operatives and consultants. Their dedication in ensuring that the methods and procedures they teach are relevant, this guarantees constantly updated training. The course has been developed to ensure our candidates receive the very best training.

The Royalty Protection Branch(SO14) provides protection for the Royal Family, both nationally and internationally. The branch has responsibility both for guarding the royal residences within London and those outside the city such as Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle and Holyrood Palace, policing members of the public on tours of certain royal residences, as well as providing 24-hour uniformed guarding of certain royal buildings. The branch also offers protection for foreign royals visiting the United Kingdom.

Specialist Crime and Operations Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19) (previously known as SO19 and then CO19) is a Central Operations branch within Greater London's Metropolitan Police Service. The Command is responsible for providing a firearms-response capability, assisting the rest of the service, which is normally unarmed. Within the media it is occasionally compared to the SWAT units of the United States, being seen as London's equivalent.

The Special Air Service (SAS) is the British Army's most renowned special forces unit. From the moment several black-clad figures appeared on the balconies of the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980, the Special Air Service became 'celebrities' both at home and oversees. Their motto, 'Who Dares Wins', has become part of British popular culture. The SAS are tasked with various objectives. In war, they are to conduct reconnaissance, deep strike and other secret missions. In peacetime, they are generally tasked with a counter terrorist role and a Hostage Rescue Team role where they liaise with other countries.

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, commonly abbreviated GIGN (French: Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale), is a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. It is part of the National Gendarmerie and is trained to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions in France or anywhere else in the world. Since its creation, the group has taken part in over 1000 operations, liberated over 500 hostages, arrested over 1000 suspects, and killed 12 terrorists. The GIGN was selected by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to teach the special forces of the other member states in hostage-rescue exercises aboard planes.



Finance options for all credit scores, Other finance options commonly available.

Council Funding: If you have been long term unemployed (6 months) you may be able to gain funding from your local Council in order to attend our courses. Please contact us for further information by clicking “Contact Us” Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELCAS) funding for armed forces available soon! Logistic details and “welcome pack” will be emailed to you on completion of booking. RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning can be used to convert foreign qualifications into SIA!




  • Passport or Birth Certificate or/and Full Driving License (for those ones that wish to learn how to drive – not mandatory)

  • Certificate of residence (e.g. rent book, bank statement, council tax statement, electricity, gas or telephone bill, etc.)

  • 4 passport-size photographs, no more than 30 days old

  • All following clothes: Suit, Few plain shirts (not necessarily white or black), tie, leather belt, shoes, plain combat trousers (not cammo), sturdy belt, (ensure it fits all belt loops of trousers you bring) tactical boots, t-shirts and sweat-shirts, gym shorts or track suit, trainers, coat, blazer or plain jacket, warm socks, hat and scarf if you book in the winter

  • Towels, personal cosmetics, toiletries, underwear, flip flops

  • Optional - If you wish to bring your laptop, feel free to do so, it will help you to research and plan.

  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION of First Aid at Work or First Person on Scene IS NOT REQUIRED as this course includes it!

  • Military backgrounds are NOT a pre-requirement for this course.

To reserve your place now call us on: 020 8556 0075 or 07979 311 977 or email us on: you can also place your deposit online!




Instead to hunt for “open days” trying to match your time off with them, you are always welcome to visit us during any day of training.

Meet our instructors and students attending the program. Ask them about the course, get direct feedback and observe all activities carried on the day.

For those ones that cannot spare time to do it, here are the course reviews of our former students:



Former Students Reviews:

“The instructor's ability on the course were second to none, they were extremely helpful and always there for any of my needs. I highly recommend this course to anyone. It’s quite simply the best training I’ve ever had past and present I’m very happy. Thanks!”

Darren Rogers

"I am highly satisfied with the course. Very professional instructors. Their clear teaching, effective methodology and sense of humor allowed me to go through this intensive training with ease. This course is set on a exceptionally high level and could not be effectively delivered without people that instructed us."

Andrei Cecan

I was very satisfied with all off the course and could not explain apart from it was 110% and would tell anyone who wants to do Close Protection work to come here and do the course with you. I feel this course gave me everything I needed and wanted to be an opportune CPO.

Daniel Pritchard

I am 100% satisfied with the course delivery. This certainly is one of best courses I have ever completed. I can definitely recommend this course to others. I am proud that I had a chance to train with the best instructors in the industry.

Imran Khan

Very professional instructors knew everything about the security industry, and there was not a question of which they could not answer. I did learn life skills on this course that are invaluable. I have come out from the course a new man with a new outlook and skill set. To put it in layman's terms, I feel on top of my game. I will be forever thankful to the teachers at the company for giving me chance to attend this course and up my game.

Jamie Anthony

“I was very satisfied with the course; it helped me to understand and gain the knowledge and was also well taught by the instructors as I passed my exam thanks to their teaching. The practical assessment felt realistic, and I coped with it better than I thought I might. The instructors were professional and helped us with anything we misunderstood and answered any questions we had, they also shared their previous experiences which helped us to understand how to deal with people in certain incidents. I would recommend this course to others due to instructors training techniques, which were excellent, useful and helpful.”

Kiran Baloo

“My instructors were very professional and very knowledgeable. They were on time and well organised. They definitely know their stuff. I would recommend this course to everyone because I know exactly what they would be getting. All instructors are brilliant and their teaching methods are good. I have just graduated from university, and I can honestly say that these instructors are better than some lecturers I had over there.”

Serdem Atilan

“The instructors were very competent and dedicated. The course was absolutely brilliant I highly recommend it to people that search for quality training."

Daria Laskowska

“I felt very well prepared for both exams: practical and theoretical. I would recommend this course to anyone who chooses a life in the close protection industry as it is a brilliant course with fantastic instructors!”

James Faint

“My time at Symbiotic has been challenging while enjoyable. I was very satisfied with the course due to the knowledge of the instructors and the cost of the course. The practical assessment was perfectly realistic. It wasn’t over the top and it really reflected the actual “on the ground job” 10/10. Instructors were professional, at all times kept the training relevant to close protection. I would recommend this course due to the cost and the experience and knowledge of the instructors on the course. Thank you to all the instructional staff for their time and effort.”

Anthony Bryson

“I was extremely satisfied with the course because the training team were excellent and made all topics easy to understand. The instructors were very professional; they made everything understandable by using different scenarios in training. I would like to say “big thank you” to all instructors at Symbiosec. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in this industry due to the excellent training I have received.”

Mohamed Hubaishi

“The course gave me more than expected, mostly in practical exercises. It went the extra mile to be as real as it could get, shocks and surprises around every corner, needed to pass practical assignments without making a mistake and those small errors made, allowed learning from them as trainers welcomed them, to develop a person not making the same error again. I will be proud to recommend this CP course to anyone looking to change career or take security up a level. I have had 22years experience in all aspects of security. This course has been full of tasks and drills.”

David Faulkner

“Two weeks of hard, intensive course, there was much more in this course than advertised, a lot of surprises. I have learned so much! Thanks to all instructors!”

Dean Henry

“This course has so many contents, I would not have believed that your self will get involved in it so much, along the spirit with other team members. I surely would recommend it as this course benefits a lot from passionate teaching and personal experiences of trainers. Instructors sense of humor was what I enjoyed the most. They have made fun on our mistakes, and kept on working with us, until we’ve got it right. Pressure was not necessary, they did teach us with passion and had fun to instruct and teach. It was so much fun, this is what I remember.”

Hardip Deol

“As an ex-military I’m more than satisfied. The course was excellent, and the instructors were the best. My honest opinion is this is the best course on the market, and I’m double happy now, having an opportunity to work with you now as felt like a part of the team from day 1.”

Kameron Edmondson

"Great people, excellent learning potential and esteemed profession to enter. I feel lucky to be taken on this course."

Jamie Hill

"The methods used by the directing staff are at the very least on par with numerous military courses I have been on and in some aspects vastly exceed. I stay fascinated by the level of instruction throughout the whole course. It truly is a top quality with the instructors taking a real interest in our well-being and our desire to pass the course. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and would certainly recommend to friends and peers.”

Ashley Goane

"The instructors were brilliant. They had patience and proper understanding of our mistakes and were able to put things right. The drills and exercises were relevant and engaging. Overall exceptional experience and great course."

Nichollas Hanna

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