Careers with Symbiotic Security

"We are currently looking to train new level 2 and 3 security operatives who meet our high operational requirements. Our operational scope covers nightclubs, retail environments, events, corporate clients and VIP's."


Our commercial training department has therefore been asked to develop a number of highly qualified and competent security officers for mentoring into future security professionals. Going through our work preparation program will give you all the qualifications that most of security managers we speak with are looking for today, plus qualities presently neglected by some of the security training providers, and a fair chance to join our operations.


If you are serious about working in the security industry and entering it as an operative prepared well beyond the basics, contact with our training centre. This opportunity is being directed at newcomers to the security industry, however if you are an experienced and high-calibre security operative who is already SIA licenced and are willing to undertake a rigorous interview and screening process, we welcome your application.

Upcoming work

Positive... Polite... Professional... Values we always search for...

Symbiotic Security regular recruitment meetings are held every month.

Any person willing to apply can register here:



Experienced and high-caliber security operatives who are already SIA licensed and are willing to undertake a rigorous interview and screening process, are welcome to apply.